The Club


One of Canada’s most noted and recognized private clubs, with a history of hosting the country’s top professional championships, Mississaugua is where modern amenities meet timeless charm.

Focused on golf, but offering other activities, including tennis, curling and bridge, Mississaugua’s location a very short distance from the QEW highway, makes it a club that’s easily accessible with options for the entire family.

At its heart is the club’s golf course, which is ranked in the Top 50 in Canada by SCOREGolf magazine, and in the Top 1,000 in the world in the Rolex Guide.

Additionally history is matched with modern amenities in Mississaugua’s clubhouse, which has been renovated, but with a foundation based on its initial 1912 incarnation. Recent alterations, including the addition of a classic pub and golf simulators during the winter, make Mississaugua the perfect retreat from the demands of everyday life.