A Historic Club in the Perfect Setting

One of Canada’s most prestigious and historic clubs, Mississaugua Golf and Country Club is a place where its highly-regarded golf course is central to more than 100 years of greatness.

"Mississaugua Golf and Country Club remains one of Canada’s most prestigious private clubs more than 100 years after it was founded," wrote the Rolex Guide to the Top 1,000 Golf Courses. But it is more than just a golf club—it is a location central to your life.

Located just north of the Queen Elizabeth Way, Mississaugua is where families meet for dinner after a game of tennis or where business professionals come to work on their driver under the morning sun before they head to work. It’s the club you bring guests to knowing they’ll come away impressed and asking questions about the legends that played there—Hagen, Jones, Hogan, Nicklaus, Palmer, Snead.

Prestigious and historic, with a tremendous location—that’s Mississaugua Golf and Country Club.