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Guest Information

Clubhouse Dress Code

It is the objective of our dress code to be adaptive to changing trends and fashions, while continuing to maintain the high standards expected by our Members.

Our policy has always been to encourage our Members and guests, if in doubt, to err on the side of conservatism. Please check with a member of our staff if uncertain about an article of clothing to avoid embarrassment to you and your guests

Staff will enforce the dress code but Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of the dress code and remedy the situation immediately.

Dress should be appropriate to the formality of the area of the clubhouse.

Jackets are preferred for gentlemen in the evening in the Dining Room, Fireside Room and Main Lounge.

Denim pants, skirts and dresses are accepted in all areas of the clubhouse except in the Main Lounge, Main Dining Room, Fireside Room, on the Tennis Courts and Curling Rink. Any denim that is ripped, frayed, cut-off, distressed (including holes) or not worn around the waist will not be permitted, regardless of the value of the garment.

Shirts must be tucked in, except those with tailored bottoms, specifically designed to be worn untucked. Small and discrete golf, tennis or curling related logos are permitted.

– Men’s shirts must be collared; turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are acceptable

– Ladies’ non-athletic fashion hats may be worn

– Dress sandals are acceptable footwear

– Strapless, halter and spaghetti strap tops / dresses are acceptable provided that the style of dress must be consistent with dining. Certain Club events will have their own specific dress code requirements which will be detailed in the event invitation or event promotional material.

Unacceptable Clubhouse attire includes:

– T-shirts

– Athletic style tank tops

– Bare midriffs

– Cargo pants or cargo shorts

– Denim jackets and tops

– Workout wear

– Hooded sweatshirts or jackets

– Any type of beach wear

– Beach type and/ or sports branded flip-flops – Golf hats or visors (except on the patios)

– Athletic style or sports branded halter tops Some dress code tolerance will be given to children under the age of 12, however Juniors and Pre-Juniors are expected to follow the same dress code standards of the club for men and women while golfing, playing tennis or curling.

Golf Dress Code

On the golf course and practice facility, attire should be appropriate for golf, tailored and in good taste and applies to all golfers of all ages.

– Golf shirts must have collars

– Mock necks are acceptable

– Shirts must be tucked in

– Tailored golf shorts or pants

– Sockettes must be worn with all golf shoes

– Golf hats must be worn with the bill facing forwards and removed before entering the Clubhouse Lady Golfers

– Tailored golf shorts, pants, skirts/skorts are acceptable

– Golf shirts must have a collar or sleeves

– No tank tops or bare midriffs

– Golf hats must be worn with the bill facing forwards and removed before entering the Clubhouse

Unacceptable golf attire includes:

– Denim
– Track/sweat pants
– Cargo pants or cargo shorts
– Corporate logos on any attire, bags or umbrellas (except those golf related)


Curling Dress Code

– Attire should be appropriate for curling, tailored and in good taste

– No denim

– No sweat pants/suits

Tennis Dress Code

– Attire should be appropriate for tennis, tailored and in good taste

– Sport specific tennis T-shirts without a collar are permitted

– Tennis shoes are required, the sole must be flat and without large treads

– Proper tennis socks or sockettes

– Articles of clothing may have tennis club or equipment related emblems or logos

– Articles of clothing with commercial designations are not allowed

Smartphones and Tablets Policy

At all times members and their guests are asked to respect the rights and enjoyment of others when using their devices.

Smartphones and tablets must always be kept on silent mode or vibrate. Use of these devices for texting, e-mailing or browsing is permitted on the entire property, but must not hold up play or interfere with the overall experience of other members or guests.

Smartphone as a telephone is strictly prohibited in or around the clubhouse, including Brydson Room and golf course except in parking lot, halfway house, next to public access land line phones (outside of the Boardroom, bottom of Main Lounge staircase, and Sports Entrance), and Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Room areas only.

The use of laptops in dining areas is not permitted.


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