Dress Code & Wireless Communication Device Policy

A Standard of Tradition at Mississaugua

Mississaugua Golf and Country Club is rich in history and tradition. After all, we have been here since 1906. It is the objective of our dress code to be adaptive to changing fashions in the golf industry while continuing to maintain the high standards expected by our members. It is always the responsibility of the individual member (and for their guest(s)) to ensure attire is in good taste and in keeping with the standards of the Club.

On the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse our staff have the responsibility to enforce the Club's dress code and may request members to modify their attire (or that of their guest(s)) in accordance with the standards outlined in this dress code.

Golf Dress Code     Clubhouse Dress Code     Curling Dress Code     Tennis Dress Code

Wireless Communication Device Policy

On the Golf Course

All Golfers
  • Attire should be appropriate for golf, tailored and in good taste
  • No denim
  • No cargo pants or shorts
  • No corporate logos except those golf related
  • Sockettes must be worn with all golf shoes/sandals

Men Golfers
  • Golf shirts must have collars
  • Mock necks are acceptable
  • Shirts must be tucked in

Lady Golfers
  • Golf shorts, skirts/skorts must be conservatively tailored in length
  • Golf shirts must have a collar or sleeves
  • No tank tops or bare midriffs

The Pro Shop and/or Locker Room attendant will replace metal spikes at no charge.

In the Clubhouse

  • Smart Casual
  • Dress should be appropriate to the formality of the area of the Clubhouse
  • Jackets are preferred for gentlemen in the evening in the Dining Room, Fireside Room & Main Lounge
  • No cargo pants or shorts
  • No hats except Ladies' fashion hats may be worn
  • Men's shirts must be tucked in
  • Tommy Bahama style shirts that are tailored and intended to be worn out are acceptable

Dress Code Amendment

Denim is accepted in all areas of the Clubhouse except the Main Lounge, Main Dining Room, Fireside Room, on the Tennis Courts and Curling Rink. Any denim that is ripped, frayed, cut-off, distressed (including holes) or not worn around the waist will not be permitted, regardless of the value of the garment. The Staff will enforce the dress code but Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of the dress code and restrictions.

These rules will not affect the current dress regulations on the golf course or any of the practice areas.

On the Curling Ice

  • Attire should be appropriate for curling, tailored and in good taste
  • No denim
  • No sweat pants/suits

On the Tennis Courts

  • Attire should be appropriate for tennis, tailored and in good taste
  • No denim

Wireless Communication Devices (WCD)

Cellphone, smartphone, blackberry, etc.

At all times members and their guests are asked to respect the rights and enjoyment of others when using their WCD.

WCD must always be kept on silent mode

Use of WCD for texting and emailing is permitted in the following areas of the Clubhouse;
  • Ladies' Locker Room & Ladies' Lounge
  • Men's Locker Room & Brydson Room
  • Mixed Lounge
  • Board Room
  • Halfway House - must not hold up play

Use of WCD is NOT permitted
  • On the Golf Course
  • Any dining area

WCD as a telephone is strictly prohibited on Club property except in the;
  • Parking Lot
  • Halfway House
  • Locker Room - in Men's/Ladies' locker area only